Autistic Rant 2019

Autism is not a disability. I am disabled. I am a veteran. I have PTSD. I have autism. Autism is not my disability. PTSD and clinical depression from living 32 years without having been diagnosed with autism are my disabilities. Two tours in Fallujah, Iraq made my PTSD worse but obvious signs were already there. … Continue reading Autistic Rant 2019


Suicide Rant

A prison becomes a home when you have the key. - Philip K. Dick There is only one really serious philosophical problem and that is suicide. - Albert Camus I am a veteran, an autistic and have suffered from depression at a young age. If you are a betting man the numbers point to me eventually killing myself. … Continue reading Suicide Rant

Autism And Self Medication

The stereotypical autistic is a teetotaler. Smoke and the taste of alcohol is an offense to their sensory issues. I am not a stereotype. Anyone who knows me from my teen years know that I had a full blown drinking problem by the time I was a junior in high school. That grew into a … Continue reading Autism And Self Medication

A Month Of Me Jamming My Autism In Your Face

I am going to spam the shit out of the internet with rants about being autistic for the month. While the campaign that is going on this month is Autism Awareness Month I would like to push for Autism Acceptance Month. Actually fuck it. Let's just grow up as a species and drop the Autism … Continue reading A Month Of Me Jamming My Autism In Your Face